Cops Take Dick Pics Too

Believe it or not, cops take dick pics too! It’s really hard to tell how exactly they end up on the internet or if the offending officers get reprimanded for such things, but we are glad they made it online either way =P
While you can find a TON of cop themed gay porn, most of it isn’t real. All of these selfies were taken by REAL cops. As you can see, there aren’t many. These are the only legitimate cop selfies we could find.

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Can’t really tell what police department this guy works for but who cares? It’s not every day you get to see a cop with his dick hanging out.

He is one seriously good looking police officer! He has a pretty big dick too!

Wow! Too bad we can’t see this guys face. He has an awesome cock.

I am surprised these guys even take pictures like this while in uniform. Especially since you can clearly see their badge.
I think this guy might actually be a security guard but I honestly couldn’t tell because the quality isn’t very good. He has a nice dick though!
This looks like an older pic but he is definitely a real cop. I bet he never thought his picture would end up on the internet!
He definitely wasn’t trying to hide his identity. I wonder how many cops sit around in their cruisers and jerk off?
Well, it’s safe to say that Markus has a big dick! Too bad we couldn’t find any pictures of him with a HARD cock!

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One thought on “Cops Take Dick Pics Too

  1. Wish these cops were in my area I’d help them out

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